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Load testing and structural monitoring of ceiling beams (Alza, Czech Republic)

Starting point
  • more than 30 year old TT ceiling beams 
  • the extent of reinforcement, and its placement, were not known
  • using a deformation test, determine the highest possible load on the beams
  • recommend under what conditions it is possible to build the extra floor

Our client wanted to expand their headquarters and add an extra floor. They needed to find out how much the current beams could withstand and whether an extra floor could be even possible to be extended. With this aim they turned to SAFIBRA to measure the load limit of ceiling beams.

Project description

We fitted the 2 selected beams with 7 different technologies, including 250 meters of optical fiber and 30 measuring points. We created a simulation of their behavior to allow us to make an accurate estimate of their maximum load. Then we synchronized all measurement methods, performed the calibration of all units and the so-called “zero” measurement of beams without load.

Afterwards, with the help of a 500-ton crane, we gradually lowered 3 reinforced concrete blocks with a total weight of up to 35,000 kg onto the centers of the beams, up to the breaking point. At the same time, we constantly monitored the condition of the beams and deflections from a safe distance, and we streamed all data into the cloud for further processing, evaluation and interpretation.

After comparing the results from 4 different evaluation methods, our client obtained detailed numerical information about the loading process at all points of the beams, together with the most accurate results regarding the load capacity and the recommended load, confirmed by 7 different measurement technologies.

And what was the result? Concerning the loading limits, the current ceiling beams comply with the standards for the construction of an additional floor. Further use of beams in the construction is thus 100% recommended.


Video from realized project

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