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A significant milestone: a new system for geotechnical measurements

After three years of cooperation with our partners Subterra a.s., the Czech Technical University in Prague, and the University of Mining – Technical University of Ostrava, we have completed the development of a monitoring system for tracking the impact of blasting on controlled objects, which stands out among the competition with a range of up to 10 km.

The development was carried out as part of the research project “Monitoring of parameters of small- and large-scale blasting using fiber optic sensors.” The result is a new fiber optic sensor system for monitoring the seismic and acoustic effects of blasting and evaluation unit supported by the latest generation of mobile networks and intelligent processing of large volumes of data using advanced algorithm systems.

Main functions and use of the system

The measuring system enables widespread surveillance and evaluation of acoustic and vibration signals using fiber optic sensors with the ability to monitor directly an object subjected to vibrations due to, for example, underground construction activities (using blasting), ramming or transport, and mechanization in general. The sensors can be placed on existing sensitive objects in the vibration zone located underground and on the surface, such as a highway noise barrier, apartment buildings, civil construction buildings, metro buildings and tunnels, bridge pillars, or technological devices.

Comparison with competitors

The monitoring point and the evaluation unit can be separated during the measurement. This separation represents a significant technological advance, especially compared to conventional seismic instrumentation, which is based on electrical sensors and has a limited range. In addition, fiber optic technology benefits the solution in the form of small size, electrical passivity, immunity to electromagnetic interference, and low attenuation of optical cables.

Proven by extensive tests

We have successfully verified the results during tests in partner laboratories and field measurements in the Czech Republic and the Sweden, at the construction of the metro line D in Prague and the extension of the metro in Stockholm. The system has been certified by CMI and is now available for commercial use.

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The project was financed with the state support of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic under the TREND Program.