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Why fiber optics?

Optical fibers start where the conventional
solutions run out of breath

One of the main advantages of fiber optic sensors is their 100% passivity and hence independence from the electrical connections. Therefore, they can be used to solve problems and bring innovations in unexplored areas.

High sensitivity and accuracy

Monitoring of multiple sensors via a single optical fiber

No installation of an expensive and complex sensor infrastructure on-site necessary

Remote monitoring

Durability and reliability in demanding environments

Resistant to EMI/RFI, corrosion, chemicals, water and lightning

Optical fibers are a great solution when:

You require fast, accurate and comprehensive measurements over long distances
  • data transmission from the sensor at speed of light
  • high sensitivity, accuracy and measuring range from µm to km
  • measuring several quantities simultaneously
  • the density of measuring points from mm to km
  • the distance of sensors from the measuring unit up to tens of km
You need to continuously monitor a small area and immediately evaluate events
  • real-time data transmission 24/7
  • high frequency of measurements of around 100+ samples per second
  • in-time evaluation of relationships between variables
  • minimum sensor dimensions
You are looking for a reliable and maintenance free solutions, resistant to extreme conditions
  • an inert device that is resistant to electromagnetic radiation, corrosion, and chemicals
  • high temperature resistance of 250 °C or more
  • high lifetime period of 20+ years
  • endurance up to 10 million cycles – maintenance free
  • system upgrade without mechanical intervention
You are guarding a remote object and need to respond quickly in the event of an intrusion
  • sensors are passive and do not require electrical connections
  • use of existing optical networks (critical infrastructure)
  • easy to implement on 3rd party systems
  • thresholding system and real-time management online

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