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25 years ago, the field of fiber optic sensor technology in the Czech Republic was in its infancy. Thanks to the rapidly decreasing price of optical and optoelectronic components for telecommunication purposes, theoretical research started slowly to connect with commercial applications, and we were right there.

  • SAFIBRA was established

    SAFIBRA was founded in 1999 as a subsidiary of Mikrokom, s.r.o., to provide customers in the Central European region with fiber optic products and services. The company’s activities are built on many years of experience of the founders in the field of telecommunication fiber optic applications, including the development of custom made electronics, especially optoelectronic, photonic devices, and measuring systems.

  • Matinoes project

    An international project aimed to develop new fiber optic oxygen sensors for use in industrial production processes and then to use them to monitor glucose concentration in solution). These sensors were to satisfy the need of biotechnological production processes for systems that could continuously monitor reactants in harsh environments.

  • Polytect project

    The international project brought together a total of 27 entities from the ranks of private companies, research institutes and universities. It aimed to develop new multifunctional technical textiles for use in construction and geotechnics. Our role was the development of SHM monitoring fiber optic sensors built into the fabric. In the short-term follow on project POLYMAST, the EU Seismic Research Center in Italy installed various types of fiber optic sensors in the outer and inner shells of the building. They tested their functionality and seismic resistance, including simulation of the most intense earthquakes recorded so far.

  • i-Protect project

    This was a European project to develop an advanced system for active protection and information support for people (firefighters, chemists, rescuers, etc.) working in high-risk environments, such as fires in mines or chemical plants, and to reduce the risk of injury. Our contribution was the development of fiber optic sensors for monitoring vital functions (heart and breath) and body surface temperature, including the integration of monitoring and communication units into the lifeguard’s underwear.

  • The first prototype of FBGuard

    Thanks to continuous development since 2009, FBGuard is now one of the most comprehensive monitoring systems on the market today. It includes optical parts providing measurements, computer and software for basic processing of measured data and data storage. Furthermore, its functionality can be extended by additional hardware and software.

  • Becoming part of the NBG Holding Group

    Thanks to the strategic partnership with the Austrian company NBG Holding, we have successfully expanded from Europe around the globe.

  • Science and research in international projects

    At the turn of 2010 and 2011, we launched several international scientific and research projects. As part of the Scan4Surf project, we have developed a broad spectrum power source for inline, high accuracy metrological scanning of surfaces. Other completed projects include RS-OCT, GuardSense, Refresh, Extenzo-GEO, Aero, and GEO-strain.

  • Expansion of product portfolio

    We have expanded our premium product, FBGuard, range with a compact “mini” version. We have also extended our fiber optics sensors range  with a Composite Patch sensor that can accurately measure changes of stress in monitored structures.

  • Expansion to France

    We have entered into a strategic agreement with a new partner, thus successfully expanding our partnership network to France.

  • Expansion of activities in Israel

    In cooperation with an Israeli partner, we are successfully expanding our portfolio of activities in Israel.

  • Significant innovation of our products

    We have launched a new concept, Asphalt road detector, for sophisticated road traffic that can easily detect passing vehicles. We have also completed our work on an expanded range of passive surveillance systems, VideoGuard and ObjectGuard. FBGuard 1550 also has undergone a significant upgrade, for example it began to offer new graphical outputs working with real-time data, or improved streaming.

  • 100+ completed projects

    We have more than 100 completed projects and installations of our systems in the Czech Republic and abroad. It is thanks to them that we have gained valuable experience and know-how and created a solid foundation for the trust of our clients across a wide range of industries.

  • We penetrated the Polish market

    We are establishing cooperation with a new partner. Thanks to this we are successfully expanding our presence in the Polish market.

  • FBGuard finds use in cryogenic conditions

    We have also successfully supplied the FBGuard 1550 monitoring system to customers for strain measurements in cryogenic conditions, where our systems has demonstrated its superiority over competing products.

  • Relocation

    We moved to new premises in Říčany. Our new headquarters are more spacious, offering a much better environment for meeting clients. It also provides better facilities for our development department.

  • FBGuard and SigProc demo systems

    We have developed a new demo for the Signal Processor (SigProc) software and for the FBGuard monitoring system with configuration software called the “Measurement System Configurator (MeSyCo)”.

  • New partners in Slovakia and the Balkans

    We continue to expand our partner network with new partners and thus the breadth of our activities in Slovakia and the Balkans.