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For partners

We constantly expand our services by evolving our sensing products and looking for new areas of application. Thus we open the door to new markets for our partners. We usually start each partnership with a jointly executed contract. When cooperation works well for both sides, we can move further.

What we build on

Czech company with a global vision,
member of NBG Holding

more than 25 years
in the field

wide portfolio of high
quality products

in-house R&D enabling product

flexible response to the needs
of our partners

support and training

We support our partners in
  • sales and marketing
  • participation in fairs
  • discounted demo devices
  • free education and training
  • advantageous payment terms
  • placing partner logo on products
  • references
For cooperation to work we need
  • active search for business opportunities
  • transparency in communication
  • feedback and market information
  • independence and reliability
  • representing Safibra’s reputation

Our partners