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Innovative fiber optic monitoring: Safety and durability of railway transition zones

Monitoring of railway transition zones (areas between embankments and bridges or other engineering structures) is the key activity for ensuring the safety and proper functioning of railway infrastructure. These parts of the tracks are characterized by a certain instability and are naturally more susceptible to subsidence and deformation during reconstruction.

Standard monitoring takes the form of regular visual inspections, thanks to which problems such as damage, soil erosion, cracks, and other signs of instability are detected. However, this form of inspection is intermittent and allows the detection of only conspicuous damage.

For this reason, we have developed a unique system for measuring the technical condition of transition zones based on fiber optic remote sensing technology. Our system, compared to conventional methods, offers several benefits:

continuous monitoring

detection of potentially dangerous changes at an early stage

sending notifications when set limits are exceeded

– possibility of efficient and economical maintenance planning

high accuracy

low failure rate

Our system monitors the vertical level of rails and measures the bending properties with high accuracy. This facilitates the extension of the service life of railway structures and maintains smooth operation and ride comfort.