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Launch of the “SIMONA” project: Innovative stress monitoring in geotechnical applications

We have started work on a new project: “Smart Innovation of Stress Monitoring in Progressive Geotechnical Applications by Photonic Systems” to revolutionize monitoring and data collection from geotechnical applications and building structures. In the background, there is a shared vision with our partners INSET s.r.o., CTU-FEE, and VSB-TUO about a comprehensive system based on the principles of state-of-the-art technologies.

Project ambitions

The project aims to develop and deploy an innovative monitoring system based on optical fibers and artificial intelligence. Its principal purpose is to provide accurate and efficient real-time mechanical stress and temperature monitoring. This system will have a wide range of applications, especially in modern energy geotechnical structures (energy piles, energy-retaining walls, etc.), high-speed lines and tunnel constructions.

The monitoring system will connect three key components:

– Innovative combined sensor based on fiber optic FBG grating sensors and Raman effect (DTS) measurements for real-time monitoring of mechanical stress and temperature,

Measuring unit for complex data processing,

– Advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.

    All of this will enable automated evaluation and analysis of measured data in the Cloud using the principle of the Internet of Things. The purpose of the system is to replace current pressurized cell solutions. These often cause a significant distortion of the measured mechanical stress, which is closely related to the complicated cell fitting.

      Main benefits of the project:

      Accuracy and reliability:
      reliable information about the status of monitored devices thanks to high precision and sensitivity in temperature and mechanical stress measurements.
      Continuous and remote monitoring:
      continuous supervision of geotechnical structures with a high level of risk.
      Proactive risk management:
      identification of potential risks and preventing potential problems thanks to advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.
      Improved efficiency and performance:
      automated data analysis in the Cloud to improve operational efficiency and to reduce costs.
      Cooperation and exchange of information:
      making the data and knowledge sharing between users possible.
      Social impact and sustainability:
      more efficient and sustainable operation of equipment and processes with a positive effect on society.
      The transition to Green Energies:
      new possibilities for research into the use of geothermal energy.

      The project runs until mid-2026. We will keep you up-to-date with the results.

      The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic fund this project under the TREND 10 Program.