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Increase the safety and durability of buildings with geotechnical monitoring

Geotechnical monitoring is a crucial instrument for managing geotechnical structures and conditions (earthquakes, landslides, excavation or mining of mineral resources, buildings, etc.).

Thanks to it, we can identify weak points in structures manifested as deformations, cracks, stress changes, or instability. These initial changes are not visible to the naked eye, although they may signal potentially serious risks. Therefore, the goal of geotechnological monitoring is the early detection of anomalies. It thus becomes a reliable assistant in preventing dangerous situations with a possible impact on human health, property, and cost savings.

Applying fiber optic technology has brought several principal benefits to the geotechnical monitoring processes. These are higher sensitivity of sensors, more accurate measurements, but also the resistance of the entire system to environmental influences. Thanks to this, our solutions can capture even small changes in the behavior of geotechnical structures.