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Geotechnical monitoring of structures and objects

Preventing ground and structural movements

SAFIBRA’s geotechnical monitoring system based on Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) technology, allows the evaluation of geotechnical structures, sites, and environments against the geotechnical design assumptions. It provides useful data about the performance of the ground and necessary changes to construction or engineering measures in order to reach the required stability. Thanks to this, it allows early identification of the risk of harmful processes which may occur during construction, assembly works, or while maintaining the buildings and facilities.

  • prevention of catastrophic failures
  • early warning of events
  • management of risk costs

Geotechnical monitoring of structures and objects usually includes ground movements, structural movements, water pressures, and vibrations. It is carried out during the pre-construction, construction, post-construction, as well as in the dilapidation stages.

In many cases geomonitoring may be required by statutory authorities on large projects, particularly when your project is close to sensitive structures (e.g. heritage buildings), mudflow protection facilities, civil, public and industrial buildings, highways and railways, and built up or landslide areas.

By using geomonitoring, you can manage onsite emergency situation risk and control costs by reducing the redundancy in your design.

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