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Secure critical infrastructure you can rely on

The modern world depends on the functionality of critical infrastructure (energy
networks, telecommunications, and transport systems) and its security from physical damage and cyber threats. Since the maintenance of social services depends on their operability, it is necessary to take preventive measures to protect critical infrastructure.

Our solution offers monitoring of several physical parameters, can identify various
attack methods, and eliminate false alarms. The use of fiber optic technology brings principal features of a new generation of protection for these essential systems:


Fiber optic cables can transmit vast amounts of data at speeds of light. This high throughput means that important information can be obtained in real-time, which is essential for effective infrastructure management and rapid response to potential threats.

Immunity to electromagnetic interference

Optical fibers offer a high level of security for data transmissions. Because the
optical signal cannot be easily eavesdropped on or jammed without physically
interfering with the fiber, fiber optic networks are suitable for transmitting sensitive information and data.

Remote monitoring and reliability

Fiber optic cables enable remote monitoring of infrastructure status. Thanks to
modern sensors and technologies, possible faults, temperature, and pressure
changes can be detected, enabling rapid diagnostics and preventive maintenance. This helps minimize downtime and disruption.