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The new Secure Door Detector replaces the Cabinet Detector!

We are introducing the Secure Door Detector, our latest product to secure property, critical premises, and critical infrastructure from vandalism and intrusions.

It replaces the existing Cabinet Detector, which we are withdrawing. However, we believe that thanks to the significant improvement of parameters and functions, you will welcome this change. Compared to its predecessor, the Secure Door Detector stands out for its significantly lower weight, nine times larger range of rotary lever, or, for example, a degree of protection comparable to the IP68 standard. That’s total dust and water resistance compared to the original protection from objects as big as a human finger.

How does the Secure Door Detector work?

The fiber optic detector uses a very sensitive rotary lever that detects even a small opening of doors. It does not need a power supply, so it is suitable for monitoring dangerous and hard-to-reach areas. In addition, you can also use other types of sensors and detectors together with the Secure Door Detector (e.g. for measuring temperature, inclination, vibration, displacement, etc.).

Where can I find out the specific technical parameters?

You can easily find the Secure Door Detector parameters on the product page or download the product datasheet.

How can I get a Secure Door Detector?

Use the contact form or e-mail safibra@safibra.cz to get in touch with us. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Why are we replacing the Cabinet Detector?

Because of the improved parameters and functions of the Secure Door Detector, we have decided to withdraw the original Cabinet Detector from the market. If you have purchased the Cabinet Detector from us, it will continue to work without any problems. However, the new customers will be only offered its more modern successor, the Secure Door Detector.