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Secure door detector (door opening detector)

Remote monitoring of door opening

The Secure Door detector is a specifically designed detector for permanent monitoring of key premises and critical infrastructure using the state of the art FBG optical technology. It helps to detect intrusion and vandalism attempts at monitored places, such as cabinets, doors, entrances, etc., providing real-time alerts. This gives you valuable time to take appropriate action to minimize damages and potential loss.

  • 100% passive detector without the need for a power supply
  • sensitive rotary shaft responds to minute movements
  • additional detector types options (manhole detector, strain, temperature, humidity, etc.)

100% passive detector

The detector works without a power supply and therefore easily monitors places without access to the power and hazardous or inaccessible areas.

Rotary shaft

The detector uses a very sensitive rotary shaft which is designed to respond to minute movements.

Universal platform

The Secure Door detector can be used with other detectors, such as manhole detectors,  and other sensors, such as strain, temperature, humidity, etc.

Mounting accessories included

The basic mounting plates are supplied with the detector for easy installation on the upper or rear side of a structure. Additional accessories are available on request.


The detector can be used alone or incorporated into  a larger detection network to minimize the cabling costs.

Low operating costs

The Secure Door detector is very durable and, if installed correctly and protected from the environment, operates with minimal maintenance and servicing.

Immune to EMI/RFI

The detector enables operation even in harsh environments and hazardous areas. The advantage is immunity to electromagnetic/radio frequency interference.

Slim line

The small footprint of the detector is suitable for internal cabinets with minimal space or outdoor cabinets or doors.

Advanced customization available

The Secure Door detector can be customized for other applications requiring continuous monitoring of linear and rotational movements.

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