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Laser optical fiber light source OFLS-L

Platform for laser diodes

The OFLS-L series deploys the standard universal OFLS driving platform for a wide range of fiber coupled laser sources based on DFB, Fabry-Perot, or other laser diodes. The available sources cover the wavelength range from VIS to NIR with different output power and linewidth coming either from a single mode or from the polarization maintaining optical fiber.

  • a large number of product options based on their parameters and performances
  • high output power up to hundreds of mW
  • can be coupled into a single mode (SM) optical fiber

Product range

The laser sources are available with many options based on its parameters and performance. 

High output power

The optical power at the output of the optical fiber can range from a few mW up to hundreds of mW based on the fiber output type. 

Fiber output

Most OFLS outputs can be coupled into a single mode (SM) optical fiber. Polarization maintaining (PM) can be used as well. 

Diode packages 

The driving board can support various types of optical modules packing like a butterfly (BTF), dual in line (DIL), transmit optical sub-assembly (TOSA), or others. The TEC packages are also available.

Superior performance

The optical light source exhibits very high stability and performance in varied environments and over a long time.

Safety operation

The high power lasers feature  a turnkey system and laser aperture cover for safe operation.

Optional features

The light sources can be fitted with optional components for output isolation, depolarization or any other to satisfy your requests.


The laser source diodes can be fitted with an thermoelectric cooler, thermistor and monitoring photodiode.

Narrow linewidth

Different narrow linewidth lasers (kHz, MHz) can also be provided for sensing and interferometric applications.

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