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Optical fiber light source (OFLS) driver

Universal platform for fiber optic diodes

The optical fiber light source (OFLS) driver is a universal driving platform for fiber optic diode sources of different types regardless of application. It enables you to control  the operating current and temperature of different LD or SLD modules to achieve desired performance. Thanks to its high performance and stability our driver finds applications in varied environments and fits any customer demands.

  • compact lightweight box or OEM driving board
  • high stability and superior performance
  • universal platform supporting different diodes

Compact or OEM version

OFLS driver is available in two versions – a compact lightweight box or an OEM driving board.

Superior performance

The optical light source exhibits very high stability and superior performance in varied environments and over a long time.

Universal platform

The driving board can support different diodes in different packagings, such as BTF, DIL, H8, TOSA, and many others.

Stackable module

The modules can be stacked up on top of each other to save space in the laboratory.

Programmable buttons

For fast switching, the compact module has three buttons with preset output powers. The default values are 100%, 50% and 10%. They can be changed with the SW tool.

External cooling

The TOSA package diodes are mounted on external Peltier elements to keep their operational temperature stable.

Fast operation

The warm up time is very short in terms of seconds which enables you fast deployment of the source. 

Internal/external modulation

Optical power output can be modulated by an internal or external source. The modulation is 100% amplitude pulse.

Optional features

The light sources can be fitted with optional components for output isolation, depolarization, coupling, filtering, and many others.

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