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Multichannel laser source OFLS-Multi

Custom made light source to fit your needs

The multichannel optical fiber light source, OFLS-MULTI, is a custom made laser source tailored to the customer’s needs. It ensures uniform light distribution over the output fiber matrix, which can count up to several hundreds of optical fiber outputs.

  • a uniform light distribution amongst the fibers
  • a special optical beam splitter – fiber bundle
  • the fibers organized in a square, 14 by 14, matrix.

Uniform distribution

The custom optic is designed to produce a radiation intensity profile with a non-Gaussian shape  for uniform illumination of the fibers.

Fiber splitter

The light is launched into the output fibers via a special optical beam splitter.

Fiber bundle

The output optical fibers are organized in an ordered matrix of 14×14 fiber, 196 in total.

Removable optic holder

The optical distribution body includes a removable optic holder to accommodate attenuation filters and any 1 inch optics. The holder is accessible after removing the top cover.

Various wavelengths available

The multichannel light source can be fitted with any laser diode.

Pulsed operation

The light source is pulsed and driven by an external source. Continuous operation is also possible.

Output position

Each output fiber is numbered. Each number indicates a unique fiber position for an easy identification of fiber location within a fiber bundle.


The source is equipped with a protection circuit against overvoltage, reverse supply voltage and static electricity.

Power variation

The maximum power variation between all output fibers is less than 0.8 dB, but typically it is much better.

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