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VideoGuard (camera system)

Surveillance camera over optical fiber

VideoGuard is a unique camera system designed for remote operation with all functions ensured only via single mode optical fiber. This camera system is fully powered over fiber without requiring a power supply or external batteries in the monitored location. Also, the data transmission and camera settings control use the same optical fiber. Another benefit is that only one standard-telecom fiber is needed for bidirectional communication and power supply to ensure the camera’s continuous operation.

  • powered over the standard single mode optical fiber (SMF)
  • energy harvesting by converting optical power to electrical energy
  • remotely controlled camera settings

Power over fiber

The camera head is powered only via optical power delivered over the standard single mode optical fiber to ensure continuous operation.

Energy harvesting

The delivered optical power is converted to electrical energy and stored in the internal battery to power all electrical equipment in the optical head.

Remote control

The remote control of camera settings and the video data transmission are achieved over the same single mode optical fiber.

Real time streaming protocol

The widely spread Real time streaming protocol (RTSP) is used to stream video over TCP/IP network.

Configuration software

The system comes with configuration SW for remote camera settings. The additional SW tools for the detection and classification of objects are available upon request.

Manufactured in-house

The VideoGuard is made by Safibra, which gives us complete control over the product output, quality, logistics, production costs, and support.

IP camera

The VideoGuard acts as an IP camera and thus it can be easily integrated into any existing CCTV infrastructure.

Long distances

The camera head can be up to 20 km from the interrogation unit with the existing optical network interconnecting them.

Fully autonomous system

Thanks to an embedded PC with Linux, the VideoGuard is independent of external devices and control procedures.

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