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Structural health monitoring of railway transition zones

Real time railway monitoring system for embankment stabilisation

Transition zones in railway tracks are usually unstable areas between the railway embankment and rigid engineering structures, such as bridges, road crossings, culverts and tunnels. At these locations, the track degradation presumably accelerates due to high impact forces. As a result, differential settlements often occur which may lead to the damage of track components and loss of passengers’ comfort. Therefore it is necessary to continuously monitor the structural health of the railway transition zones and detect the changes at an early stage.

  • continuous evaluation of the safety of the railway operations
  • minimization and control of dangerous changes in railway structures
  • reduced maintenance costs

With the aim to ensure the safety of railway operations and to reduce maintenance costs, it is necessary to monitor the structural health condition of railway transition zones at a high frequency. With this in mind, SAFIBRA offers a unique system for monitoring the vertical level of rails and measuring and displaying the bending properties based on fiber optic remote sensing technology.

It detects the potentially dangerous changes at an early stage and provides you with alerts when  the defined limits are exceeded. Thanks to this, you will be able to lessen the impact of moving trains, stabilize the railway embankment, and minimize the variations in track stiffness. As a result, you will preserve line, level and ride quality, and extend the operational life of railway structures, while not disturbing any railway operations. In addition to the daily railway operation, the transition area can also be monitored during the bridge reconstruction.

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