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Vandalism and intrusion detection

Will the intrusion detection system withstand desert conditions?

Using our own technology, we have brought a 100% successful intrusion detection system measuring over a distance of more than 40 km, resistant to harsh desert conditions and working without power.

  • one of the largest telecom provider
  • verification of intrusion detection system functionality over long distances
  • verification of the intrusion sensor’s suitability for demanding environments
  • optical fiber presence
  • no power supply in place
WHAT did the client turn to us with

Our client considered implementing an intrusion detection system to monitor unauthorized intrusions into telecommunications distribution chambers. Due to the fact that there was no power supply in the monitoring sites, only the presence of an optical cable, the choice of optical solution was in place.

The customer requested an assessment of the intrusion detection system’s suitability for possible future expansion within the distribution network operated by them.

Benefits of the solution compared to conventional methods


There is no need for a power source at the point of measurement. In field tests, measurements were made at sites over 40 km from the monitoring unit.

II. Minimizing the profit loss

Vibration monitoring allows early detection of attempted intrusions and vandalism and gives you more time to respond to avoid costly service interruptions.

III. High resistance to environment and weather

Fiber optic intrusion sensors are totally passive and have stood up to tests even in the most demanding environments. Actual tests in the desert have confirmed immunity to lightning, electromagnetic interference, and functionality without wireless signals.

How did we approach the solution?

Two selected manholes were equipped with a manhole detector. The distance between them and the FBGuard measuring unit was over 40km. Over the course of more than one month, the customer randomly tested the intrusion detection system’s response to the opening of the manhole, the success and the speed of evaluation of the alarm condition.

The result of the intrusion detection system testing was 100% success in detecting intrusions and verifying its suitability for use in a desert environment.

Why work with us?

Our company was invited to the project thanks to its professional expertise and experience in providing fiber optic intrusion detection systems for monitoring access to chambers, cabinets, entrances, and shafts.

One of our specialties is developing the most economical solutions for monitoring many objects spread over a large area without a local electricity supply.

FBG technology is the most suitable solution where conventional procedures fail or are not viable because of routine operation.

The intrusion detection systems minimize the number of false alarms by using advanced algorithms.

The intrusion detection system is very durable and, if installed correctly and protected from the environment, can be operated with minimal maintenance and servicing.

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