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Manhole detector (intrusion detection system)

Remote monitoring of premises requiring permanent security

The Manhole Detector is a specifically designed FBG based detector that uses the state of the art optical technology. It helps to detect intrusion and vandalism attempts at monitored manholess. It gives valuable time to take appropriate action to minimize damages and potential loss.

  • 100% passive detector without the need for power supply
  • temperature compensated design
  • universal platform enabling use of additional detector types

100% passive detector

Detector works without a power supply and therefore easily monitors places without access to power and hazardous or inaccessible areas.

Temperature compensation design 

The detector is designed to compensate for temperature changes in the environment.

Universal platform

The manhole detector can be used in combination with other detectors, such as flooding detector, and other sensors, such as strain, temperature, humidity, pressure, etc.

Protected as IP68 rated devices

The protection is comparable to the international standard rating of IP68 and guarantees complete dust-tightness and protection against the effects of long periods of immersion in water.

Sensitive sliding touch system

This small and compact detector features high sensitivity to the variation of applied pressure. It responds to the slightest intrusion attempts and this gives time to take action before it is too late.

Robust aluminum alloy material

The manhole detector has a robust design to withstand harsh environments and temporary flooding without any loss of functionality.

Low operating costs

The Manhole detector is very durable and, if installed correctly and protected from the environment, operates with minimal maintenance and servicing.

Immune to EMI/RFI

The detector enables operation even in harsh environments and hazardous areas. The advantage is immunity to electromagnetic/radio frequency interference.

Leverage the existing fiber optic network

Standard telecommunication optical fibers, for example, dark fibers, can connect the unit and sensors. This is very economical even for a large number of monitored points.

Mounting accessories included

The basic mounting plates are supplied with the detector for easy installation. Additional accessories are available on request.

Advanced customization available

The Manhole detector can be customized for your project, for example aluminum alloys can be replaced with plastic for high voltage environments.

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