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FBGuard 1550 (monitoring system)

Monitoring unit for industrial measurements

The FBGuard 1550 is a reliable fiber bragg grating (FBG) monitoring unit designed for static and dynamic measurements. It monitors different FBG sensors simultaneously, with excellent wavelength precision and accuracy. It offers a cost-effective solution suitable for diverse applications.

  • advanced customization available
  • usage of existing fiber optic network
  • complex monitoring system

Advanced customization available

The monitoring system can be modified to meet your project’s needs, such as the desired functionality, interoperability, and others.

Usage of existing fiber optic network

Installation of an expensive sensor infrastructure or availability of electrical power is not necessary.

Complex monitoring system

The FBGuard 1550 provides not only an interrogation unit but also data storage and basic data processing. More layers are available through additional HW and SW.

Long term field operation

FBGuard is highly durable and reliable even in demanding environments. This makes it especially suitable for a long term field operation.

Multifunctional measuring platform

The monitoring system can measure a variety of physical parameters (even electrical) simultaneously  at very fast response rates and excellent resolution.

Fully autonomous system

Thanks to an embedded PC and a web server running on Linux, the FBGuard is independent of external devices and control procedures.

Manufactured in-house

The FBGuard 1550 is made by Safibra, which gives us complete control over the product output, quality, logistics, production costs,and support.

Analysis and configuration SW

The monitoring system is supplied with analysis and configuration SW, which are both platform-independent and feature an embedded processing board with all decision functions.

Up to 640 FBG sensors monitored on 16 channels

The monitoring system is designed for highly accurate measurements of up to 40 FBG sensors per channel, which can be monitored at up to 16 parallel optical channels (1, 2, 4, 8, 16).

Scan frequency up to 11,000 samples/s

The FBGuard can achieve a maximum scan frequency of up to 11,000 samples for a single optical channel operation. This „Superfast option“ is available in the FAST version only.

SSH and web interface

The configuration of the monitoring system, sensors and alarms, frequency of measurements,and self data logging on an integrated SSD can all be adjusted by SSH and the web interface.

Event notification and data exchange

The monitoring system is equipped with three direct alarm relays for immediate notifications to be sent via email. Additional communication interfaces are available for data exchange.

Easy system settings

FBGuard features a web-based configuration interface called the Measurement System Configurator (MeSyCo) which provides automation functions for FAST system and sensor settings, even for sensors with unknown parameters.

Remote control from any PC

The monitoring unit has an Ethernet interface, which allows remote control from any standard PC through the TCP/IP protocol using the Measurement System Configurator (MeSyCo).


This desktop application running directly on the FBGuard measurement system can be used to display the real-time data and data saved in the archive directly in the measurement system.

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