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Data processing (analytics tool)

Universal software for data processing and data analysis

Our Data processing solution provides a universal real time data analysis and processing platform. It covers the full range of data processing related tasks for Safibra’s sensing and monitoring systems.

  • web based user interface
  • perpetual license with free one year technical support
  • real time data streaming

Web based user interface

There is no need to install anything on your computer, only an internet browser for remote connection is necessary.

Perpetual license

There are no annual fees for operating the data processing SW. All licenses are perpetual with one year free of charge technical support.

Real time data streaming

Measured data are streamed via our proprietary Data Streaming Protocol (DSP) designed for high data throughput with low latency.

Only one platform

No matter what type of Safibra’s system you use, data processing is always ensured by the same platform.

3rd party integration

The processed data can be easily integrated into network management systems (NMS), visualization SW interfaces, and other 3rd party systems using several available protocols or via our DSP.

Artificial intelligence deployment

Sophisticated algorithms with AI are deployed in some modules of higher level SigProc licenses, such as advanced fingerprint pattern alarm setting. 

Processing from any of SAFIBRA’s systems

The Data processing platform enables handling data from several measurement and monitoring systems simultaneously. It makes system integration easier. 

Update of license

The license is connected to the HW key. The lower level license can be easily updated to a higher level license by replacing this HW key.

Configuration and modules

Individual tasks are solved in configurations that consist of 60 predefined modules, which represent computational tasks for processing input data.

Complex solution

Data processing solution consists of specially developed Signal Processor (SigProc) software, a very powerful tool for the acquisition of raw data and consequent data processing, and a powerful workstation called ProcessGuard, which comes with pre-installed SigProc software as default.

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