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Technical condition monitoring of buildings (Alza, Czech Republic)

Will the existing ceiling beams pass the load testing for a one-floor extension?

In just a few hours, we conducted thorough condition monitoring, providing a clear and reliable answer to whether it is possible to add another floor. Using FBG sensor technology, we have replaced the information from the missing technical documentation for a more comprehensive condition assessment..

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  • use a deformation test to demonstrably determine the highest possible load on the beams
  • more than 30 years old, TT cross-section
  • the percentage of reinforcement or the location of the reinforcement was not known
WHAT did the client turn to us with

The customer contacted a construction company with a request to add an extra floor to the headquarters building to house technical and administrative facilities for another 200 employees.

The main aim of the customer was to have the work team under one roof. Unfortunately, they did not have any condition assessment of concrete structures or technical documentation for the building. Therefore, it was not clear whether the one-floor extension was technically feasible.

Benefits of the solution compared to conventional methods


The entire condition monitoring process, including load testing and evaluation, takes place outside the building.

II. Significant savings in time and personnel costs

The results available within 24 hours rather than 10 working days.

III. We guarantee data

Technology allows the installation of multiple condition monitoring sensors for accurate measurements.

How did we approach the solution?

The load test was carried out on physically removed ceiling beams and took less than 10 hours. For verification, we used stable and other external influences insensitive FBG fiber optic sensors while gradually loading ceiling beams with reinforced concrete blocks weighing 35 tons.

The load testing confirmed that the other built-in beams could also handle the load. And the client thus got the green light for the new floor extension.

Video from realized project

Why work with us?

Our company was invited to the project thanks to its professional expertise and experience in providing accurate and reliable data for numerical model validation.

We work with fiber optic condition monitoring sensors we manufacture to monitor the stability of buildings and roofs, or to determine the maximum loading. The calculations are based on state-of-the-art numerical modeling approaches. Thanks to this, we always guarantee the reliability of our condition monitoring solutions.

FBG technology is the most suitable solution where conventional procedures fail or are not viable because of routine operation.

It can happen that a large number of electrical sensors will stop working due to wear or weathering. This results in additional costs. High durability and reliability are the characteristics of condition monitoring sensors.

Electrical wiring in bundles changes the structure of concrete, which then might not have the same load capacity in all places.

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