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Graflux (visualisation software)

Data visualization, data storage and data analysis tool on one platform

Graflux is a data visualization service for easy and user-friendly presentation of data collected and processed from Safibra’s monitoring systems. Moreover, it ensures data storage, creation and exploring of dashboards and their further sharing with your colleagues for fast data interpretation according to your needs.

  • fast and flexible data visualizations
  • data and dashboards sharing for easy collaboration
  • high-performance database for real time querying

Data visualization

Fast and flexible visualizations with many options allow intuitive manipulation of your data and access to them.

Easy collaboration

Your data and dashboards can be shared easily across your team by providing access rights to users.

High performance DB

Service uses a specifically designed database InfluxDB for real time querying allowing it to handle a large amount of data.

Analytic platform

Graflux uses an open source analytic platform Grafana thus allowing you to query, visualize, alert and understand all metrics, no matter where they are stored.

Various data storages

Your data can be stored at a local machine, virtual hardware or in a cloud to provide you with the best and fastest access to your metrics.


Graflux service charge is a monthly fee calculated according to the amount of data, project size and its duration. There is no need for any investments into special machines for short term projects.


Alert rules and notifications can be simply defined for your most important metrics. Furthermore, they are independent of thresholds and alarms set in the SigProc software used for data processing.


Your project dashboards can run altogether at one platform and be easily accessible online, whenever and wherever you need it.


Graflux provides access to your metrics using several default graphs and other graphic elements. Additional extensions, based on your specific needs, can be easily provided.


Your metrics can be dynamically visualized in graphs for fast and easy analyses, such as the comparison of selected sensor data over a given time.

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