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Smart traffic monitoring

Innovative technology for road traffic safety

For a long lifetime of roads, it is necessary to have prompt and intensive traffic monitoring in place to protect and maintain these infrastructures. Our unique road monitoring system employs a specially designed strain detector that is suited for installation in the asphalt layers or under the roads. This road traffic sensor flexes due to strain along any point of its length. The information obtained enables efficient planning of maintenance.

  • embedded traffic monitoring even in lower layers of the road
  • balanced response with excellent sensitivity along its entire length
  • classification and measuring the weight of passing vehicles

The road sensors are installed in the different groove depths of asphalt to obtain information on optimum system installation for different road scenarios. The various road conditions are tested to determine the best installation method, with respect to using the right materials, to achieve the highest and most stable performance possible. Afterwards, installations either into cold reactive asphalt filled grooves or hot asphalt withstanding grooves are performed.

The passing vehicles are successfully and clearly detected enabling you to apply the SigProc Data Processing software to automate the traffic monitoring. Traffic parameters, such as classification and vehicle speed, are calculated by SigProc’s Dynamic Threshold algorithms thus filtering impact of environmental noise and temperature.

Moreover, passing vehicle footprints, with different axle weight impacts, are observed and provide promising signs for new application developments in Weight in Motion (WIM) which combine benefits of the fiber optic approach, installation and maintenance requirements, and costs.

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