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Manholes, cabinets, entrances, and shafts monitoring

Detect intrusion and vandalism at an early stage

Protecting your property and ensuring continuity of provided services are usually the main issue, especially in places without electricity or in hazardous areas where traditional ways of monitoring are very limited or almost impossible. Our fiber optic sensing system for monitoring manholes, cabinets, entrances and shafts helps you detect intrusion and vandalism attempts at monitored places early, giving you valuable time to take the appropriate action.

  • continuous monitoring of critical infrastructure
  • evaluation of intrusion attempts in early stage with possibility of fast reaction 
  • minimization and control of damages

The monitoring system consists of passive optical detectors installed at required places and a monitoring (interrogation) unit located at a remote site. The connection between them is via standard telecommunication optical fibers, such as dark fibers of an existing fiber optic network. The distance between the unit and detectors can be several tens of kilometers. Therefore you can cover a large area with one unit and lots of detectors.

The passive optical detectors have been specifically designed to detect various methods of attacking protected structures and to reject known environmental activity and potential false alarm scenarios. 

Our fiber optic sensing system for monitoring manholes, cabinets, entrances, and shafts is the most economical solution for monitoring many objects spread over a large area without needing an electricity supply.

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