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Tiltmeter (tilt sensor)

Angle sensor with temperature compensation

The Fiber Bragg Grating tilt meter is an angle variation measuring sensor that features good linearity, no hysteresis, and is temperature compensated by additional Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG). It is designed to measure small variations of angle towards the vertical with less demand on operational spectrum needs.

  • 100% passive tilt sensor without the need for power
  • temperature compensation design
  • excellent robustness and stability

100% passive sensor

Since the tilt sensor does not need power, it easily monitors places without electricity and hazardous or inaccessible areas.

Temperature compensation

This FBG angle sensor is designed with additional FBG for temperature compensation which leads to smaller spectrum demands and consequently to a higher number of sensors per channel. The sensor design provides a significantly smaller footprint and weight.

Excellent long term stability

The tilt meter is highly durable and reliable even in demanding environments. This makes it especially suitable for a long term field operation.

Protected as IP68 rated devices

The IP68 rating guarantees complete dust tightness and protection against the effects of long immersion in water.

Immune to EMI/RFI

The fiber optic tilt sensor enables operation in harsh environments and hazardous areas.  The technology is passive, explosion safe, and immune to electromagnetic/radio frequency interference.

Intrinsic multiplexing capability

Thanks to the intrinsic multiplexing capability, many tiltmeters can be linked  by a single optical fiber. This  makes it suitable for inaccessible locations and large scale sensing networks.

Remote sensing

The angle sensor is very suitable for remote sensing, as it can be installed several kilometers away from the measurement unit.

Insensitivity to environmental induced noise

The tilt sensor is inherently insensitive to environmental noise and is therefore suitable for measurements that could be distorted by ambient sound.

Large range of applications

The fiber optic tiltmeter can be used in a large range of monitoring applications, such as slopes, dams, pylons, bridge pillars, etc.

Low installation costs

Installation and cabling for such sensor networks are much less expensive and cumbersome than comparable electronic gauge networks.


The tilt sensor can be used alone or in large sensing networks.

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