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Fiber bragg gratings

Field proven Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs) as measurement elements for sensing applications

FBGs are a few millimeters long reflective microstructures that are inscribed within the core of a single-mode optical fiber, changing the index of refraction along the length of the fiber. They can be customized in terms of wavelength, bandwidth, reflectivity and response to suit any application. They can be used in many industries, such as military, telecommunications, avionics, medical, manufacturing, academia, and many more.

  • intrinsic multiplexing capability
  • low loss and wideband transmission
  • high sensitivity and accuracy

Intrinsic multiplexing capability

Thanks to this feature, hundreds of FBG gratings can be recorded on a single optical fiber. They can be kilometers apart or as close as a few millimeters.

Low loss and wideband transmission

The FBGs in optical fiber enable signal transmission with less loss, over longer distances, and at higher data transfer rates than electrical cables.

High sensitivity and accuracy

The FBGs are designed for measurements that require excellent wavelength precision and accuracy of micrometers.

Excellent long term stability

The gratings are highly durable and reliable even in demanding environments. This makes them especially suitable for a long term field operation.

Wide range of applications

The FBG gratings can be used in different applications, such as laser chirp and dispersion management, fiber optic sensing, fiber laser resonators, power spectrum shaping, wavelength selective reflectors, and many more.

Fiber Bragg Grating technology

FBG technology brings many advantages over the conventional sensing methods, such as immunity to EMI/RFI, high precision, durability, quasi-distribution, absolute measurement, compact size, reduced cable requirement, etc.

Performing as a strain sensor

Thanks to its unique characteristics, the FBG can act as a strain sensor when the fiber is compressed or stretched.

Acting as a temperature sensor

Any change in the temperature of FBG leads to a specific wavelength shift of the light reflected at the FBG. This way the FBG grating can act as a temperature sensor.

Multifunctional characteristic

By properly packaging the FBGs, each one can be made sensitive to different parameters. Not only temperature and strain, but also displacement, pressure, acceleration, displacement, etc.


FBGs ability to provide absolute measurements without the need for referencing makes it the natural alternative to conventional electrical sensing technologies.

Immune to EMI/RFI

The FBG works even in harsh environments, as the technology is fully passive, explosion safe, and immune to electromagnetic/radio frequency interference.

Small size and weight

The microstructures are compact and lightweight, which is very convenient, especially for large sensing networks.

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