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PeriGuard (zone-based perimeter security system)

Military-grade perimeter protection at an affordable price

PeriGuard is a reliable and scalable fiber optic interferometric monitoring unit that offers field-proven fence, gate, and ground protection. It monitors independent sensor zones simultaneously and features excellent local sensitivity, making it resistant to strong background noise and vibrations from the environment. As a complementary system to the long-range DAS or DVS systems, PeriGuard is often utilized by the military to securely cover problematic areas with high noise levels, such as entrances, gates, water drains, and areas with heavy traffic.

  • scalable number of independent zones (typ. 2-200m long)
  • fully integrated with other monitoring systems like FBGuard and FiberGuard systems
  • common interface to integrate with 3rd-party security management centers, VMS, and access systems

Multi-channel operation

The perimeter security system is capable of covering multiple independent zones with just one unit, making it an ideal solution for safeguarding critical infrastructure and high security areas in industrial and commercial environments.

Continuous (24/7) real-time perimeter protection

PeriGuard is highly durable and reliable even in demanding environments. This makes it especially suitable for long term field operations.

True detection of simultaneous events

PeriGuard ensures true detection of simultaneous events, providing accurate and reliable monitoring capabilities.

High reliability with minimum maintenance

The perimeter security system offers high reliability with a simple installation process and requires minimum maintenance, ensuring convenient and efficient operation.
Remote configuration

PeriGuard provides the convenience of remote access through the web and SSH, allowing users to monitor and manage the system from anywhere.

Scalable number of interrogation units

The large perimeter security project can be covered by multiple PeriGuard interrogation units to meet the specific needs.

Multiple I/O options for system integration

The monitoring system offers multiple I/O options and thus can be easily integrated into 3rd-party security management centers, VMS and access systems.

Quick alarm integration into 3rd party systems

PeriGuard together with SigProc data processing software allows several ways of alarm integration into 3rd-party systems, ensuring seamless compatibility and enhanced functionality. Special integration protocols can be implemented on demand.

No power supply required (100% passive sensing element)

Since the perimeter security sensor does not need a power supply, it easily monitors places without power and hazardous or inaccessible areas.


The remote PeriGuard unit monitors the dielectric optical fiber which is discreetly installed either underground or embedded within the wall, ensuring it remains undetectable.

Customization available

The monitoring system can be modified to meet your needs, such as the desired functionality, interoperability, and others.

Combine multiple FO technologies and sensors into one system

PeriGuard can be combined with other fiber optic monitoring technologies, such as FBGuard, FiberGuard, and other sensors into one comprehensive security coverage system.

EMI/lightning immunity

The fiber optic systems are intrinsically immune to electromagnetic interference and lightnings.

Ultimate security

The system is resistant to any attempts to deactivate sensors and is equipped to expose any attempted tampering. The optical sensors cannot be bypassed.

Preventive actions and multiple protection options

PeriGuard empowers proactive measures by enabling preventive actions and multiple types and levels of protection, ensuring comprehensive security coverage.

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