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Structural health monitoring of bridges

Real time remote monitoring system for bridge structures

Bridges are necessary for transport and communication in many cities and countries. However, their progressive deterioration begins once they are built and subjected to excessive loadings or adverse environmental conditions. For long lifetime of bridge structures, it is necessary to have prompt and intensive monitoring in place in order to protect and maintain these infrastructures. 

  • continuous evaluation of structural bridge safety, integrity, suitability and durability
  • minimization of damages and improved maintenance planning
  • monitoring remote areas with a single bridge monitoring system

In our system for structural health monitoring of bridges we usually use strain sensors which measure the changes in length between two points. Thus we can measure gaps between beams and pillars, state and development of cracks, beam bending etc. It is also possible to use other bridge sensors to measure dynamic changes caused by bridge load, for example train passage, such as tilt, displacement or vibration.

In addition to this, we offer monitoring and measuring systems designed to measure these various FBG bridge sensors and detectors, allowing you to monitor many different physical parameters like temperature, strain, deformation, pressure, vibration etc. We recommend using our system for structural health monitoring of bridges together with the asphalt road detector embedded in the road in order to obtain a complex bridge traffic monitoring tool. Furthermore, we can also provide you with powerful software tools for the acquisition of raw data, consequent data processing, analysis, storage, and visualization.

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